Tháng Chín 16, 2019

Toronto Film School


Yorkville University/Toronto Film School


2000 Steeles Ave. W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, L4K4N1




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The Toronto Film School (TFS) offers accelerated diploma programs that are designed for careers in the entertainment and design industries, from film production to acting, writing, fashion, interior decorating, video games, and graphic design. Mentored by industry professionals who understand what it takes to succeed, students gain real-world industry expertise through hands-on projects and immersive, collaborative learning. Toronto has developed a reputation for producing world-class entertainment and design. 12 to 18 month programs are designed to train students with the right skills and practical Arts and Design Workshops in Vietnam, October 25 – 28, 2019 Registration form experience to enter the workforce quickly. TFS is known for producing award-winning graduates.  

Key Programs: 

  • Film Production 
  • Acting for Film, TV and Theater 
  • Writing for Film and Television 
  • Video Game Design and Animation 
  • Video Game Design and Development 
  • Fashion Design 
  • Graphic Design and Interactive Media 
  • Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment